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 Hammered Coins -  Saxon - Saxon Aethelred ii crvx type penny S1148 Southwark mint
Saxon Aethelred ii first hand type penny S1144 Stamford mint
Saxon Cnut pointed helmet type penny S1158 Thetford mint
Saxon Cnut short cross type penny S1159 Cambridge mint
Saxon Aethelred ii last short cross type penny S1154 Exeter
Saxon Aethelred ii long cross type penny S1151 Exeter
 Hammered Coins -  Plantagenet - Edward iii hammered silver groat S1616
 Hammered Coins -  House of Tudor - Elizabeth I sixpence 1568 S2562
Elizabeth I sixpence 1569 S2562
Henry vii groat S2199
Henry vii groat mm Cross crosslet S2200
Henry viii groat mm Arrow S2337E
Henry viii groat mm Lis S2337E
 Hammered Coins -  Stuart and Commonwealth - Charles i contemporary counterefeit shilling mm Anchor
Charles i halfcrown mm Large Tun over Crown S2773
Charles I halfcrown mm Sun S2778
Charles I halfcrown mm Tun S2773
Charles ii sixpence S3323
 Milled Coins -  18th Century Milled - George iii engraved halfpenny The Antelope opium smuggling brig
 Tokens -  18th Century Tokens - Cambridgeshire Cambridge halfpenny token
Hampshire Southampton silver proof halfpenny token 1791
Herefordshire County penny token 1796
Middlesex George iii attended divine service penny size medal 17
Middlesex Hackney halfpenny token 1795
Middlesex M & H Oppenheim halfpenny token 1797
Middlesex Pidcock's Exhibition halfpenny token
Middlesex Pidcock's Exhibition halfpenny token
Middlesex Pidcock's halfpenny token
Middlesex Pidcock's halfpenny token
Middlesex Prattent's halfpenny token 1796
Middlesex Skidmore's halfpenny token 1793
Middlesex Skidmore's halfpenny token 1795
Middlesex Spence's hanging man halfpenny token
Middlesex Spence's hanging man halfpenny token
Middlesex Spence`s halfpenny token
Middlesex Spence`s halfpenny token
Middlesex Summer's Museum Wild Man halfpenny token 1797
Middlesex George iii penny size medal 1797
Northumberland Newcastle Spence's halfpenny token 1795
Northumberland Newcastle Spence`s farthing token 1796
Surrey Lambeth halfpenny token
Sussex Horsham halfpenny token 1791
Warwickshire Birmingham monster of sedition penny size medal 179
Warwickshire Newton halfpenny token 1796
Wiltshire Salisbury halfpenny token
 Tokens -  19th Century Tokens - Devon Barnstaple silver shilling token 1811
Hampshire Portsmouth silver shilling token 1811
Ireland Dublin E Stephens pattern penny token 1813 W1840
Lincolnshire Gainsborough silver shilling token 1811
Staffordshire Fazeley silver halfcrown token 1812
Staffordshire Perry Barr William Booth penny token 1811 Withers
Sussex Brighton / Chichester silver shilling token
Sussex Chichester silver halfcrown token 1811

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